Company Information
Yancheng Kelite Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. main business is the development, production and sales of automatic welding equipment. As the welding automation solution provider, the company's main products include integrated sets of welding equipment, welding robot robot welding fixture, kawasaki/FANUC/Panasonic/Turin welding robot workstation ,olar energy, gas tank, gas tank, natural gas, fuel tanks and other pressure vessel welding production line, , and is widely used in engineering machinery, petroleum chemical industry, rail transportation, mining machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace and military and other high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields important industries of the national economy.
Production assembly
Based on our 20 years of experience in automatic welding machines, from desktop PC assisted software design to production assembly, we are completely independent!
Technical debugging
Starting from every order, we focus on the successful debugging and acceptance of each automatic welding machine, allowing the machine to maximize its performance and achieve customer satisfaction.
Delivery capability
The transportation of machines is usually by sea, and we provide container loading, fixed machine services, and take photos to customers. The efficient and mature transportation management model and strong transportation service provider system support KELITE to complete every order on time and with high quality.
Customer on-site use
When the machine arrives at the customer's factory, it only requires simple installation, cable connection, and we provide remote technical installation/training guidance for the customer.
Collaborate with us to restore the look that your product blueprint should have!