Industry news

Three sets of 7-axis robots (KLTW1900HZ7) sent to Argentina

Order model:1. 6 Axis Welding Robot(KLTW1900)2.Welding power supply: PanasonicYD-350GL5 3.Servo positioner system(KLTSPT-1000)4.Welding gun cleaning station(KLT-QH2000S)5.Welding gun accessories

Polish customers order CNC 5-axis welding robots and other two sets of welding machines

Order model:1. CNC 5-axis welding robot KLTHG-5WC-2500Welding power supply: Panasonic YD-350GL52, vertical ring seam welder KLTHG-LHF400CWelding power supply: OTC-CPVE400
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