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Panasonic Welding Power Supply YD-350/500FR2

Machine Name Panasonic Welding Power Supply YD-350/500FR2
Model YD-350/500FR2
Welding Method CO2/MAG/MIG
Applicable to materials Carbon steel, stainless steel
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Digital IGBT Control MIG/MAG welding machine 350/500FR2


1.     Standardmode

This mode issuitable for general welding needs. In this mode, various welding parameterscan be set freely and finely according to the welding process and operatinghabits; the unified adjustment method is adopted, and the welding voltage isautomatically matched when the current is adjusted.

2. Fast mode

   Weldingexpert mode customized for fast spot welding and short seam fast welding. Thismode is characterized by fast arc ignition and fast welding. The switch iswelded when pressed, and stopped when released, with high welding cycle andhigh work efficiency.


3.Welding rod mode

3.1 You can switch to the "manual weldingelectrode" mode through the detailed menu, and the electrode with adiameter of up to 5.0 can be used, which is suitable for all kinds of acid-baseelectrodes.

3.2 This mode is suitable for long-distancewelding operations, maintenance and other occasions.

3.3 It has the functions of thrust currentadjustment and arc ignition current adjustment.

4.High-performance wire feeding system

The wire feeding control system adopts IVFpatented technology, with strong wire feeding force and good welding stability.Even in the case of a 40-meter extension cable, it can still ensure normal wirefeeding force.


5.Digitalpanel, simple function parameter setting

5.1 High-brightness, seven-segment digitaldisplay, which can display preset current and voltage, actual welding currentand voltage, fault code, wire feeding speed and time.

5.2 The use of light touch buttons makes parametersetting convenient.

Power   supply model



Product Serial Number


YD-500FR2   HGE

Control method

Digital IGBT control

Input voltage

AC   3*380V   50/60 Hz

Rated input capacity



Rated input power

13 kW


Rated output current

DC 350 A

DC 500 A

Rated output voltage

31.5 V

39   V

No-load voltage

DC 70 V

DC 70 V

Output current range

DC 40~430 A

DC   60~550 A

Output voltage range

16~35.5   V

17~41.5   V

Rated load duration



Normative adjustment


Welding method

CO2/MAG/Stainless Steel MIG

Cooling method

Forced air cooling

Applicable wire type

Drug core / solid core

Protection level


Suitable for welding wire

Solid   core 0.8/1.0/1.2mm

Solid   core 1.0/1.2/1.6mm

Drug   core 1.0/1.2mm

Drug   core 1.2/1.4/1.6mm

Protective gas


MAG Ar:80%,CO2:20%

MIG   Ar:98%,O2:2%

Advance air supply time


Lag out time


Spot welding time

Continuous adjustment of 0.3–10.0s (0.1s    increments)

Dimensions (lL× W × H)

372×575×632 mm

372×575×632   mm


54 kg

60 kg


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