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KLTHFH-400A CNC ring seam welding machine
品名:: 数控环缝焊接机床
Name:: CNC ring seam welding machine
Model: KLTHFH-400A
Function: CO2/MAG/MIG/TIG/Plasma

1,简介   Introduction

1)KLTHFH-400A/B/W/WS 数控环缝焊接机床是一台实现环缝自动焊接设备。可配用TIG弧焊机(填丝或不填丝)、熔化极气体保护焊机(CO2/MAG/MIG)、等离子等焊接电源组成一套环缝自动焊接系统;

1) KLTHFH-400A/B/W/WS CNC ring seam welding machine is a kind of automatic welding equipment for ring seam. It can be equipped with a TIG argon arc welding machine (filled or unfilled), a gas shielded gas welding machine (CO2/MAG/MIG), plasma and other welding power sources to form a ring seam automatic welding system;


2) Consisting of bed body, rotary positioner, moving mechanism, pneumatic tailstock, welding gun pneumatic lifting mechanism, welding gun adjusting device and CNC automatic welding controller;

3) 该产品采用的是组合式结构,搭配和装拆方便,机动性好。因此,配以合适的焊接电源就可以适用于各类环形焊缝的自动焊接;

3) The product adopts a combined structure, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly, and has good maneuverability. Therefore, with the appropriate welding power supply, it can be applied to the automatic welding of all kinds of ring welds;


4) The equipment is mainly used for high quality circumferential seam welding of workpieces of different materials, different sizes and shapes;


4) Similar workpieces such as air reservoirs, fire tubes, drive shafts, shock absorbers, mufflers, pipe flanges, etc. Two welding torches are mounted on the horizontal double-ring seam welder and can be welded at the same time.


2,KLTHFH-400A/B 旋转变位机介绍Rotary Positioner   Introduction

2.1 KLTHFH-400A/B   变位机主要配置 positioner Main configuration

该自动焊接机器采用步进或伺服电机驱动;系统主要功能:自动、手动、程序、参数、IO 等。

The automatic welding machine is driven by stepper or servo motor; the main functions of the system: automatic, manual, program, parameter, IO, etc.

2.2 KLTHFH-400A 变位机参数 Positioner parameters



2.2 KLTHFH-400A 变位机参数 Positioner parameters

输入电压/Input power
AC220V   50/60HZ
90 ° ≤ 1000 kg;

0° ≤ 500kg, add   support   bracket   ≤   1000kg
卡盘直径/Chuck diameter
Φ400   mm
通孔直径/Through hole diameter
Φ102   mm
中心高   /Center   height
490   mm
翻转角度/Flip angle
0°   -   90°
手动/自动/编程;Manual / Auto/program
步进或伺服   Stepper motor or servo motor
Cnc   2   Axis   controller
710   *   610   *   735   mm
160   kg

焊接产品展示   Welding product display

3,KLTHFH-400 数控环缝焊机部件CNC Ring Seam Welder   parts

3.1步进驱动装置/Stepper drive and motor



YKD2405M/YKD2408M is a high-performance digital stepping driver based on a new generation of 32-bit DSP technology. The driving voltage is DC20-50V/DC20-80V, which is powered by a single power supply. It is a two-phase hybrid stepping motor with various currents of 4.0A or less and outer diameters of 42mm, 57mm and 86mm.

     The driver adopts servo-like control principle internally, unique circuit design and superior software algorithm processing, which can make the motor run smoothly at low speed even under low subdivision conditions, with almost no vibration and noise; smooth and precise current control technology Greatly reduce the motor heating; external 16-speed constant torque subdivision, the highest 200 subdivision; photoelectric isolation differential signal input, strong anti-interference ability; with overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and other error protection; at the point Medium and low speed applications such as glue machine and laser engraving have obvious advantages in stability, vibration and noise.Greatly improve equipment performance.

3.2数控环缝焊机控制器/CNC ring seam welder controller








7)指令:23 条指令,包括PLC 可用的6 条指令

8)USB:可用USB 线对系统进行供电,方便开机画面及程序的传输

9)隔离IO 口:带有与系统隔离的输入输出口,输出口能力最大可到1A

The main function

1) Automatic: actual operation, dry run, single step operation, termination procedure

2) Manual: high speed, jog, program zero, manual output

3) Program: Edit, New, Save

4) Parameters: control, speed, factory value, user, password

5) IO: system, manual, real-in, set-in, output

6) External manual: external large button controls the motor to reverse, start, pause, alarm, emergency stop, etc.

7) Instruction: 23 instructions, including 6 instructions available to the PLC

8) USB: The system can be powered by USB cable to facilitate the transmission of the boot screen and program.

9) Isolation IO port: with input and output ports isolated from the system, the output port capacity can be up to 1A


·3.5 寸彩色液晶屏,分辨率320*240

·触点按键阵列(38 键)

·专用运动控制芯片,4 轴差分脉冲输出(信号输出为:方向+ 方向- 脉冲+ 脉冲-)

·输入/ 输出(16 路光电隔离24V 输入,8 路光电隔离24V 输出,单通道额定500mA)

·485 接口,可与PLC 混合编程

·24V 双电源隔离供电,分为系统供电与IO 供电


·USB 接口,系统供电,上位机软件或图片下载使用

·最大程序行480 行

·可与外部IO 扩展板相连

Control system composition:

·3.5 inch color LCD screen with resolution of 320*240

·Contact button array (38 keys)

· Dedicated motion control chip, 4-axis differential pulse output (signal output: direction + direction - pulse + pulse -)

Input/output (16 channels of optically isolated 24V input, 8 channels of optically isolated 24V output, single channel rated 500mA)

· 485 interface, can be mixed with PLC programming

·24V dual power supply isolation, divided into system power supply and IO power supply

·Encoder interface, can be used as a special plane

·USB interface, system power supply, PC software or picture download

·Maximum program line 480 lines

· Can be connected to an external IO expansion board


最小数据单位: 0.001mm


快速运动限速:9000mm/min(当脉冲当量为0.001mm 时)

最高加工速度限速:9000mm/min(当脉冲当量为0.001mm 时)





系统主要功能:自动、手动、程序、参数、IO 等

Technical indicators

Minimum data unit: 0.001mm

Maximum data size: ±99999.999mm

Fast motion speed limit: 9000mm/min (when the pulse equivalent is 0.001mm)

Maximum processing speed limit: 9000mm/min (when the pulse equivalent is 0.001mm)

The highest pulse output frequency: 150KHz

Number of control axes: 2 axes

Number of linkage axes: X, Y linear interpolation / circular interpolation

Electronic gear: Molecular: 1-99999, denominator: 1-99999

Main functions of the system: automatic, manual, program, parameter, IO, etc.

4,KLTHFH-400 数控环缝焊机选用部件CNC Ring Seam Welder Optional parts


数控环缝焊机焊接电源CNC Ring Seam Welder Welding power source

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